Photos: Dan Brannan

Venue: Shoreham Cliff Tops

Laura & Tom met in Noosa when they were still in high school. Eleven years later they married atop a cliff overlooking a surf break called Little Noosa on the Mornington Peninsula.

Not just any surf break, one of Tom’s favourites 😉

From the ceremony:

Laura & Tom’s lives have always paralleled each other and they have supported one another through every adult transition; starting uni, figuring out career paths, first jobs & everything in between; they have navigated it together. Where so many couples grow apart these two have chosen to grow and change together.

When Laura decided to keep studying and Tom took a gap year to travel; they never questioned whether they would stay together. They knew their commitment and just made it work.

Together, they have gotten through every big life moment, and every hardship, that life has thrown at them.

Tom reflected that after so long together – the love, support, and alignment come so naturally to you; it almost feels innate.

They saw their marriage as an opportunity to reflect on what matters to them, and what they have created together, with the people who bring so much love and support to their lives.

After the ceremony, everyone headed down the road to Merricks General Store to continue into the night!

The day was captured by, the formidably talented & all around nicest guy, Dan Brannan – if you need a photographer this guy won’t disappoint!