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How fun do Adventure Weddings sound?!

They sound rad right!? They truly are. Because they can be absolutely anything.

Here’s the thing, it only takes around two minutes to be legally married in Australia.

I once performed a wedding in 1 minute & 49 seconds in the photobooth at Flinders St Station!

They put the coins in the machine just as we declare them married and they caught those first feels and the kiss in photos! It was truly amazing, mostly, because it suited the couple to a tee. Every year on their anniversary it was their tradition to go to the photo booth to take a new set of pictures. It is also where he proposed.

It was the perfect choice for them!

If big weddings aren’t your jam, I hear you – let’s come up with something uniquely you & full of play!

Yes, you can just go to the registry office BUT we can do way better than that!

Wanna get married whilst floating down the river on inflatable fruits – we could say something at the top of the river, stop in the shallows halfway down & for your vows, then do the paperwork on the banks at the end – I know just the spot!

Are you a rock climber?!  That’s rad! I have useless arm muscles so doubt I would get very far up a wall BUT we could yell so everyone hears all the important bits OR maybe I can hike to the top – you climb up, get married then abseil off the cliff; how’s that for a metaphor for life!

Is the ocean your fave spot; I will happily paddle out past the break with you for a ceremony. Maybe at dawn?! That sounds dreamy…

Are you up for a road trip and some camping?! Perhaps you want to get married on a bike ride, a tram or maybe in a canoe? I am up for any of it.

If you have a clear idea that is perfect for you, get in touch!

If you need some inspiration but have an area in mind, get in touch and I can throw ideas at you!

I cannot wait to help you create your ideal adventure wedding experience! Woohoo, let’s do this!

How to create an adventure wedding…

Do you love rock climbing – well I am quite shit at that sorry so I am not sure I could make it up a wall with you but hey we will figure it out!

A couple of great folks who found me, love rock climbing too; at the Arapiles in the Grampians specifically. They have a little bub they want to be at the wedding too so whilst they aren’t doing it up the wall we are going for a bushwalk up a mountain in the Grampians for them to make this commitment to one another.

Do you want to get married standing next to a bonfire, camping in the middle of no where – Me & my van Nel would love to come on that adventure with you.

*If you are still trying to find a magic little bush location jump on over to my Otway Weddings site – this is my local & where I love to hang out, so I have tons of perfect options up my sleeve for you; including a secret tree that is at least 300 years old!

In summary, I would love to get adventurous with you guys!

Horse riding, getting hitched in the ocean, whilst on a boat, when kayaking or perhaps a little bike tour around Melbourne, or maybe even on a tram; what’s your adventure look like!?

Everyone’s is different & uniquely their own.

Cannot wait to help you have yours!