Photos: Larry Lawson

Venue: Prana House

Callum & Neil were already planning to be married when marriage equality was passed. It just meant they didn’t have to utilize Callum’s UK citizenship to go to the British Consulate to legalize their marriage a few days after their ceremony; we were now able to make it official on the day!

Neil & Callum chose to keep things local to their neighbourhood on the day. They married at Prana House, a yoga studio on High Street, Thornbury followed by a reception at Preston Town Hall.

It was the perfect simple white space. The only decoration they added was a potted maple tree from their house; they are waiting to plant it when they buy their first home.

Callum & Neil chose to greet all of their guests on arrival AND their guests loved it! It was a way to show their appreciation to everyone who was there with them. Added bonus, it meant they had already connected with everyone prior to the ceremony so they didn’t feel the pressure to rush around at the reception saying hello to everyone.

With marriage equality very fresh in everyone’s minds, a mere month written into law, the magnitude of the commitment these men were making was not lost on anyone. The community of people that Callum & Neil have collected around them are a love-filled and supportive bunch. Everyone was so proud to be a part of this moment in their lives.

I watched a young twenty-something-year-old man stand there in tears for most of the ceremony. I wasn’t under any illusion that it was my words that made him feel that way.

No, it was the significance of the occasion that moved him; seeing the love his friends share and appreciating the collective experience, that was now available to many people for the first time; the chance to be married.

To top off what was truly one of the most moving ceremonies I have been a part of, I received the most thoughtful thank you gift from these two gorgeous men.

A bottle of home-brewed gin made by Neil. Be still my beating heart! Swoon… Could they be any more genuine & generous!?